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WELC-YUMM Yum Crumbs!! Sooo we finally made it here! I’m so excited to “dish” with y’all! What’s better than good convo and good cocktails over great food boo? Not nothin. Life’s so Yummmm! Who ready?! Who You?

I’m Chef Vicky V. A Fat Black Girl Living in a curated world! I wanted to create a space to give you a front seat to the foodie landscape.

If you’re down I can introduce you to places you may want to try! My favorite thing in life is to pair eats and treats, with what we love as millennials. Eff’n everything! Ha!

We gonna vibe out and cook some shit too! Put those buds in my hands Chile!! Now let’s do this dance….

“Life is a buffet, but most poor bastards are starving to death.” – Auntie Mamie

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C is for Chef

My vision is to create a space to inspire people to live in their own personal truths, by dismantling stereotypes about what it means to be different

3 in Ate

This takes one food based item and uses it in 3 different applications in a quick break down.

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Spicy Mango Fried Rice

What's your favorite thing about Sunday? For me, it's meal prepping for the work-week. Although most of us are working from home, it's...

3-N-Ate: Salute to Spring with my Top 3 Spring Roll Recipes

Happy first day of Spring my YumCrumbs. This 3-n-ate recipe was created to pay homage to the season and the Spring Roll. Spring Rolls are...

3 Simple Stir Fry & Fried Rice Recipes using Grilled Chicken | 3 in Ate | Migos Tribute

Hey #yumcrumbs! This post is dedicated to three of my top stir fry & fried rice dishes! These recipes are a tribute to one of my favorite...

FIRE & DESIRE: The Sensual Smooch

Hey Young Crumbs, today’s post is all pleasure, no pain-I promise! We’re exploring the depths of fire and desire as it relates to a sweet, sensual dessert I created, especially for the lovers.  The Sensual Smooch is a rich, decadent dessert, perfect for sharing with bae on Valentine’s Day. The ingredients represent fire and desire (cue the music, bae); strawberries, marshmallows and white chocolate. Chocolate, a known aphrodisiac contains serotonin and phenylethylamine; two chemicals related to sexual arousal and love. I dedicate, dedicate, dedicate…

Dunking Cabbage Soup

In today's current state, it's essential that I use my platform to support brands that are actively supporting my community. Now that we...

Spicy Mango Fried Rice

What's your favorite thing about Sunday? For me, it's meal prepping for the work-week. Although most of us are working from home, it's...

Red Beans RoadShow | Houston

The Red Beans Roadshow is a pop-up restaurant series that takes a New Orleans' trademark Monday-night tradition on the road. The roadshow...

Lost & Found Eatery and Bar | Houston

I was so happy to be walking up to a place in Midtown that I could truly call my own. Houston's newest build-out was not only dope, but...

“Life is short; Eat well.” | Brennan’s of Houston

Brennan’s of Houston has always been so special to me. Long before I was a blogger I was a cute overactive little girl, and for my 5th...

Dallas Eats Guide | Chewing & Reviewing my way through Dallas

Throughout this journey called life, I've realized how important it is to set goals. This is the first year I genuinely placed energy into...

I’m Black and I’m Proud | NOSH | Houston Black Restaurant Week

“Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud” - James Brown   The 4th Annual culinary expo for Houston Black Restaurant Week took place recently....

1751 Sea and Bar | Houston’s Newest Premier Gin Bar | Houston Heights

A new premier Gin bar has opened in the heights and it is a real treat! 1751 Sea and Bar Restaurant offers diners seasonally inspired gulf coast seafood, rare delicacies and over 100 different types of gin! 

Taste Bar + Kitchen | Houston’s Newest Black Owned Brunch Spot

Taste Bar + Kitchen, located in Midtown at 3015 Bagby, offers globally inspired comfort foods & craft cocktails in an energetic, casual dining environment. Guests to Taste Bar + Kitchen can expect comfort foods featuring an extensive chicken & waffles menu. Savory & innovative waffle highlights include Cajun Chicken & Waffles, Chicken Fried Lobster & Waffles and General Tso’s Chicken & Waffles.

Supporting Black Business in Houston During Black History Month | #BlackBingo

Happy Black History Month  the Black Blogger Clique has created a fun and interactive black bingo card for Instagram. The bingo card...

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