As Black History Month has now come and gone, I find myself longing for the celebration of all things black! Clearly I can, do and will celebrate the beauty in my blackness every day. But must admit that there’s something about watching HBO’s Insecure while savoring the sour/sweet mix of pickles and peppermints that just feels better in February! Due to March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter flooding my senses, I decided to do myself a solid and visit Houston’s Blue Nile.

Blue Nile’s Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine was just the trip to the motherland that my soul needed. I would describe my first visit to Blue Nile as an immersion of culture… my culture.

Having no clue as to what to expect during my visit, the first thing that caught me off guard was that traditional Ethiopian food is eaten with your hands! I quickly realized this cultural shift when I went to unroll my napkin, on the hunt for silverware. When I asked my Aunty where the silverware was she pointed to my hands. I’m real enough to that I don’t really get down with eating with my hands. I am also real enough to blame America for this. But I was excited for this new experience…hell I’ve seasoned enough chickens to not really trip on that too hard.


Ethiopian food is spice heavy. It’s more of a savory spice that radiates through your senses. Very different from Louisiana Hot Sauce. For some reason I just thought that the food would be flavorful but mild. I was definitely wrong about that. Lingering notes of cardamom and cinnamon from the Masala Curry danced on my tongue throughout my meal.

Now let’s talk about InJera, the traditional Ethiopian sourdough-risen flatbread. It’s slightly spongy texture was quite unique. I especially enjoyed learning about the traditionally use of teff flour. As a food blogger I am well versed in vast varieties of cultural breads (I.e. Naan, French bread and Southern Corn Bread) but never have I had something as dope as this! Injera was one of the coolest things I’ve ever eaten. It was moist and pliable, making the perfect bowl for the samplings of our chicken and beef meat trio.

All the dishes at Blue Nile and hearty and leave you totally satisfied. Our trio came with a citrus spiced tomato and onion salad, my favorite greens and a samosa filled with an assortment of delicious ground meats. My journey to Ethiopia was nothing less than spectacular, and would do it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend that you stretch outside yourself and explore the diverse food scene that Houston has to offer. Start with Blue Nile!


9400 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77063
(713) 782-6882
Open now: 11AM–11PM


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