Make Your (H)oliday (E)ven (Brighter) with Five Edible Holiday Gift Ideas | H-E-B Partnership

Make Your (H)oliday (E)ven (Brighter) with Five Edible Holiday Gift Ideas | H-E-B Partnership

Although 2020 has been quite an interesting year, I am so happy and grateful for the opportunities that I have been presented with. Most recently I had the opportunity to partner with H-E-B. The main goal of this partnership was to help everyone (H)oliday (E)ven (B)righter this year. I created five unique edible holiday gift ideas using products that can be found at your local H-E-B! I’ve highlighted those five edible holiday gift ideas below. Make sure to visit H-E-B ‘s Youtube Page to see me create these delicious recipes. 



This has been a very different year. Making it a great time to give a different type of gift! These past months I’ve spent so much time at home cooking and experimenting with new flavors and foods. So, in addition to bringing all this newly acquired knowledge to the table,  it was important that I create edible holiday gift ideas that were fun, relevant, and doable.


H-E-B Holiday Smoosh

My Holiday Smoosh is a delicious deconstructed s’more in a jar! These tasty jarred treats are layered with fresh strawberries, semi-sweet chocolate baking chips, marshmallow fluff, and my favorite part H-E-B’s Candy Candy Twister Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. These cookies are made with real candy canes and remind me of the candy cane cookies I would eat as a kid!  H-E-B definitely showed out with these scrumptious and creative cookies! The strawberry pieces add a fresh and bright note when paired alongside the marshmallow whip and cookies. A s’more wouldn’t be a s’more without a toasted, torched top. This is a great recipe to create with your loved ones and it’s super kid-friendly.



Texas Two-Step Popcorn

As a Texan, this Texas two-step popcorn is near and dear to my heart because Texans love to do some country & western two-stepping on Friday nights. How fun would it be to combine a little bit of Texas with a whole lotta popcorn?!  Nothing beats the sweet and salty combo of popcorn and chocolate. Adding H-E-B’s crunchy Texas corn chips to the mix is just begging for a good ol’ Texas time. Now, I know what you’re thinking, how is this going to taste with the incorporation of these corn chips?! I have never steered you wrong and I am not about to start now! trust me. As an added hint of sweetness, drop a handful of H-E-B’s dried cranberries in the bowl. This Texas two-step popcorn is unbelievably delicious. As families gather a bit differently by keeping things small having a movie night is a great way to spend the holidays, and I wanted to give families the perfect reason to #Holidayevenbrighter !!



Winter White Hot Chocolate Sinkers

Everywhere I look, people are doing hot chocolate bombs, and of course, as a chef, I couldn’t let this trend go by without putting my own signature stamp on it. We rarely have white winters in Texas. Maybe every 10 years or so, if we are lucky. I wanted to bring a little white winter cheer home by creating a winter white hot chocolate sinker made with H-E-B organic white chocolate morsels and Mootopia Milk. After researching the process of hot chocolate making, I wanted to find a way to make it easy and delicious for people to try it home! While sourcing the perfect products to use I stumbled across the Kitchen and Table H-E-B Texas molds. I knew I had to use them! They are the perfect size to be able to fit all the delicious stuffer ingredients and they represent me and HEB perfectly! The hot chocolate sinkers came out so chocolaty and delicious. Sink some in your hot chocolate this holiday season.



Santa Cider Sangria

This one here is for the adults in the room! Let’s start off by talking about our Santa Cider Sangria I know the kids leave Santa cookies every year but I had to dip into Santa’s stash to make sure this year’s festivities will be as jolly as possible! I absolutely loved making this cocktail because I got to use the H-E-B spiced orange apple cider, one of my favorite notes for the holiday season. The spiced cider makes you feel like Christmas. You can’t have a sangria without red wine. The Spanish red wine that we used in this recipe was amazing. Now, what made it extra special was the incorporation of fresh red and green apples, oranges with the rinds, cranberries, and pomegranate pearls. When I say this cocktail was beautiful I mean it. It was very stunning!! Building it was half the fun, but drinking it was the true treat.



Mistletoe Margarita

There’s no reason to wait for anyone under the mistletoe this year. This mistletoe margarita will make you want to kiss yourself !! I love a good margarita.  So I took a classic version and spiced it up with Christmas cheer by adding the central market black currant & ginger Italian soda and rosemary simple syrup! I’m not gonna lie I did not know how the syrup would pair with the margarita. Being the chef that I am, I tested this recipe until I got it right. Boy oh, boy did I get it right! I was so pleased that I couldn’t wait to share this recipe with you all. It’s not only delicious but visually impressive. Your friends and family will be wowed when you present them with their glass beautifully rimmed with fresh sugared cranberries and a sprig of rosemary. I can guarantee that you will be serving this mistletoe margarita for Christmas Shindigs to come.

FIRE & DESIRE: The Sensual Smooch

FIRE & DESIRE: The Sensual Smooch

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

Hey Yum Crumbs, today’s post is all pleasure, no pain-I promise! We’re exploring the depths of fire and desire as it relates to a sweet, sensual dessert I created, especially for the lovers.  The Sensual Smooch is a rich, decadent dessert, perfect for sharing with bae on Valentine’s Day. The ingredients represent fire and desire (cue the music, bae); strawberries, marshmallows and white chocolate. Chocolate, a known aphrodisiac contains serotonin and phenylethylamine; two chemicals related to sexual arousal and love. I dedicate, dedicate, dedicate…

We’re Turning on the Fire

What You’ll Need:


Let’s Do This

  1. To begin, spread it all out and ignite the flame! No really, spread out all of the ingredients and light the candle or fireplace. 🔥
  2. Prepare strawberries by washing and slicing into slivers.
  3. Next, roast the marshmallows over the open flame. Take it easy, don’t burn them. You want the marshmallows to be soft and melty. Soft & melty=sweet & sticky fun.
  4. Stack the strawberries, white chocolate bars and marshmallows between 2  Pizelle Cookie Wafers.
  5. Now, smooch!

The Perfect Match

You can’t have a sweet, seductive dessert without a wine pairing. The perfect pairing for this titillating dessert is the Gilli Sweet Red Wine, from Branwar Wine Distributing Co. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and your Sensual Smooch! Love, Chef V

What’s Cookin’

What’s Cookin’