Taste Bar + Kitchen | Houston’s Newest Black Owned Brunch Spot

Taste Bar + Kitchen | Houston’s Newest Black Owned Brunch Spot

April has been a super busy month for me, so when a few of my blogger buddies invited me out for some much needed QT, I jumped at the opportunity. As food bloggers, selecting where to eat is always top priority. A place with a welcoming vibe, delicious food and thirst quenching cocktails is preferred.  Taste Bar + Kitchen has been on everyone’s lips lately, so we naturally gravitated towards it! Being the scattered brain one of the crew, I’d never heard of the place and didn’t necessarily know what to expect. As a the true free spirit I am, I went with the flow. These girls have yet to fail me when it comes to selecting where to chill.


As life would have it, time got away from us all. We’d planned on meeting up for brunch but instead convened around 4:30 pm. I was the first to arrive by the grace of God, and as I walked up I noticed a lot of melanated kings and queens parlaying on the restaurants large patio. As I walked in I was even more surprised that it was bejeweled with blackness. Everyone looked amazing and the restaurant was super charming. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that Taste Bar + Kitchen was a black owned establishment.


Taste Bar + Kitchen is located in what used to be Sterling House. I’d never been to Sterling House, so I still cannot confirm or deny if interior is the same. However, what I can say is this place is super cute and perfect for brunch, cocktails and weekday kick backs.  Not to mention that I was delighted to see one of my favorite bartenders from Kitchen 713 here. Who doesn’t love a good bartender/girlfriend?!


The space is polished, nicely decorated and just feels good. Even the plates that the runners were delivering food on what  on point. Every bit of details at Taste Bar + Kitchen had been well thought out. I appreciate that.

Due to the fact that we often operate on CPT  time we were of course LATE for our 4:30 pm reservation (pro-tip:make a reservation). By the time we got there they had transitioned from early brunch service to preparing for their evening reservations. The host informed us that the clearly open tables were reserved for later reservations. Given my restaurant background I can totally understand wanting to honor the later reservations, and the importance of ensuring that when those guests arrive their tables are available.  But from a diners standpoint, the abundance of empty tables could be a bit off-putting at first glance.  We decided to change our reservation to 7:30 pm and have drinks in the interim at another establishment.


At this point it was dinner time, but I was delighted to learn that Taste Bar + Kitchen serves brunch all day. Total win in my opinion. Brunch restaurants are well received here in Houston, so I think this concept will do well.  I don’t particularity LOVE brunch but I respect it!

In typical fashion It took me and my other girlfriend forever to decide between the General Tso chicken or of the Nashville hot chicken and Waffle. We finally decided upon the Nashville hot chicken and classic waffles. Now let me warn you. The Nashville “hot piece of bird” at Taste Bar + Kitchen is hot! Your tongues may be a bit stronger than mine with it being crawfish season and all.

One of my brunch dates is a mac & cheese connoisseur. So she ordered it but mentioned to us that it was bit lackluster on seasoning and that the pasta was a bit too al dente. The bite I had was tasty and creamy, but I do agree a little more love in the seasoning department would have gone far.


I went with the dress I picked up at target in the plus size section. I wanted something cute but free-flowing seeing as though it is spring and I love a good spring breeze. My shoes were from last season, but honestly, a cute jeweled sandal is perfect for all warm season. Taste Bar + Kitchen is the place to be comfy and cute!

Have you visited Taste Bar + Kitchen Yet? Drop me a line and let me know what you thought! 


Supporting Black Business in Houston  During Black History Month | #BlackBingo

Supporting Black Business in Houston During Black History Month | #BlackBingo

Happy Black History Month  the Black Blogger Clique has created a fun and interactive black bingo card for Instagram. The bingo card highlights a variety of black-owned restaurants and dishes at these restaurants. For those of you who wish to play along, we will also be hosting giveaways for those who get “black” (bingo) throughout the month of February!


It’s February so you know what that means?! It’s #blackhistorymonth !! ✊🏾



I (@thafatgirlfoodchronicles) am apart of local Houston group @blackbloggerclique. Our mission is to give highlight black businesses here in Houston.  As black women and bloggers we love to highlight black businesses and want to share information about our community.

February is the perfect time to do this. If you live in Houston, let’s play!! There are other games like this going on all over! (@juliejulez.jpg has a bomb one that took Houston by storm as well , also @gingermarieblog and @brandisfoodiediary in Dallas @domnthecity in NYC ) as well, so be on the lookout for your cities bingo card.

The Game 🎮

B•L•A•C•K is a form of “BINGO”

The card has a list of black owned restaurants. During the month of February go to the restaurants on the cards to play the game and win prizes! 🏆🥇 Rules on next slide▶️➡️⏭ #ThaPlace 📍

Houston Tx




I’m going to give y’all a week and a half head start since ya girl only had 4 left to try!



I have 4 places to go💪🏿! Ya girl will have a blackout before the end of the month! @catfishstation2017 @bluenilehouston

Check out the lists of black restaurants in Houston curated by my girls Houston Food Fetish , Gristle & Gossip, and Black Girls Who Brunch 


#ThaLook 👗

I’ve almost got BLACK BINGO !!


Download Your Copy & Play!

Download a clean copy and play along on Instagram Make sure to tag both the Black Blogger Clique and the restaurants your visited. We want them to play along and share as well!

Unwine at Tillery Kitchen and Bar | First Stop in 2019 | Austin, Texas | Travel

Unwine at Tillery Kitchen and Bar | First Stop in 2019 | Austin, Texas | Travel

Tillery Kitchen and Bar is Located just below the Longhorn Dam, where the Colorado River begins its 292 river mile run to the Gulf of Mexico. Tillery rests here, at the top of an embankment overlooking the river. Tillery Kitchen and Bar provides a comfortable outdoor lounge for socializing, or a place to hide out with your laptop, a book, or your dog, while having the comforts of food and drink service. During a recent rejuvenation vacation, I stopped into enjoy some wine and relaxation on the patio of  Tillery Kitchen and Bar, Austin’s tranquil gem.


Tha Know

This visit to Tillery was my first travel excursion of the new year.  It turned out to be a random road trip that surprisingly took my breath away, elevating my SUPER soul to the next level. God was whispering in the wind and my spirit was at peace.

Tha Place 📍

An eco-chic, River flanked bar and kitchen. Located at 3201 E Cesar Chavez St. Austin Tx 78702.

Tha Feels

Tillery Kitchen and Bar quieted and humbled my rambunctious spirit

Tha Taste

Tillery Bar and Kitchen prides itself on being a peaceful place to lounge and enjoy the scenery of Austin’s river while enjoying their unique and delicious “lounge-friendly” eats. My favorite menu items were the Brussels with Asian pear with a glass of New Zealand Rose.

If your spirit should lead you towards Austin, make sure to add Tillery Kitchen and Bar to your list of stops. Your soul and tummy will thank you.


Living my Best Life | Omni Houston Hotel

Living my Best Life | Omni Houston Hotel

#yumbcrumbs 2019 is here!! Striving to be more intentional with my future is key this year. That being said, I have set a few goals for myself. My main focus in 2019 is to turn my love of food and travel into a lucrative operation! Honestly, this has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember. So, I’m speaking it into existence and making it happen in the new year!

Do you love to travel, but have a hard time affording that relaxing getaway? If you answered yes, please believe you are not alone. This is actually my life story. One thing I love about living in Houston, is that a stay-cation is always just around the corner. If I had to give you a plug for a Houston stay, I would highly recommend the newly renovated Omni Houston Hotel! It’s located in the heart of the Houston Galleria area and is currently topping my list of stay-cation hot spots!

Tha know | What you need to know before you go!

Hurricane Harvey completely devastated the Omni Houston Hotel, taking the life one of their beloved employees. The tragedy and destruction left the hotel no choice but to completely remodel their space. The luxury hotel recently underwent a 30 million dollar renovation, and during a recent tour I was able to see its beauty up close! Their amazing poolside views and Omni Spa have me longing for another stay-cation. The Omni Houston Hotel has it all!


Tha Taste | The Food and Beverage Buzz!

In addition to a behind the scenes tour of the space, I also got to try some of their cocktails and culinary creations. Everything that graced my lips was BOMB, do you hear me?!  Le Reserve’s Executive Chef Franklin Thompson puts so much love and creativity into each dish and cocktail. You can taste the passion and intention with every bite and sip. This experience left my mind and taste buds hungry for more. I love little details. Those tiny notes of flare that one might miss if not paying full attention.  The Omni Houston Hotel brought home the wow-factor with their branded cocktail ice.

My favorite cocktail was the Stone Fruit Swizzle made with Monkey Shoulder, lemon and stone fruit. Definitely “treat yo self” with one or two of these bad boys! Their delicious tapas are from the Gods. I recommended their Blackened Yellow-fin and the Lobster wedge!! Both are amazing and freshly prepared. The rich blue cheese foam elevates the lobster wedge leaving each bite more succulent than its predecessor.  It’s over the top with flavor. Your belly will thank you.


Tha Place | Tha Look | Tha Feels

The Omni Houston Hotel is located in the heard of the Galleria at 4 Riverway, Houston, TX 77056. It’s vibe is lush and luxurious from the plush bedding to the sleek spa retreat. The Omni Houston Hotel will refresh and rejuvenate you. It’s the perfect Houston stay-cation destination for a tranquil pool side Saturday! #needed

“SHE READY!” | Tha Yum Debut | Insecure Season 3 returns to HBO | August 12

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and no I’m not talking about Christmas! Season 3 of the HBO hit series “Insecure” is here bitchhhhhh!!

Insecure is hands down my favorite show on HBO! I have been impatiently waiting for 10 whole months, so you best believe that on August 12th your girl will be glued to the screen with my wine and snacks in tow. In the words of Tiffany Hadish “SHE READY” for the shenanigans! Insecure is the epitome of what you call black girl magic! My heart, eyes and soul have longed for the LIFE that Issa Rae and her crew bring to the big screen. It will be a beautifully brown reunion of sun kissed melanated skin!


Last year I took advantage of the last four episodes by doing homage plates. Where I dedicated specialty meals to specific Insecure characters, themes and episodes. This year I want to kick it up by adding a YouTube channel called “Tha Yum.” Following each episode me and some dope local guests a.k.a “the homies” will shoot the shit about the episodes live on Instagram!

My first edition of “Tha Yum” is happening the Sunday before the official launch! Be on the lookout for it on my Instagram page! My main goal for all of this is to meet Issa Rae and share my specialty homage plate with her on the show. Issa tasting my food would be the ultimate “Ultralight Beam.”

Any who Yum Crumbs.. hope you guys tune into my IG, live on August 12th… Issabout to go down!

Chef Vicky V of Tha Fat Girl Food Chronicles Presents “Brunch on The Block” | Sunday, June 17th

Chef Vicky V of Tha Fat Girl Food Chronicles Presents “Brunch on The Block” | Sunday, June 17th

Hey Young crumbs!! I am super excited to announce my first ever pop-up brunch series “Brunch on the Block.” Celebrate Father’s Day in the Tre Sunday, June 17th at The Compound Houston (2305 Wheeler Ave.)

Enjoy a chef curated brunch, a bike and bite tour powered by Let’s Do This Houston and the first ever “Spades in the Tre” Tournament.

Read on for more details and ticket information.



  • Chef Curated Southern Fried Chicken and Watermelon Brunch with sponsored beverages from Austin Ciders.
  • “Bike & Bite” experience powered by Let’s Do This Houston and Tour De Hood.
    • Bikes will do a mini tour of Third Ward while stopping to get a taste of delicious Third Ward Jewels E-dub-a-licious Treats and the French Fry House. Slot Sign up will be available day of event!
  • First Annual “Spades in tha Tre” tournament
    • Team sign up available day of event.
  • Black Vendor Market
  • Live Art Installation

Click here for more details and to purchase your tickets TODAY. This event is set to celebrate brunch, blackness and community. Let’s celebrate and enjoy this #SaluteToSummer!



A percentage of proceeds go to Supporting Our Sicklers (S.O.S.), an organization committed to advocating for, serving, and providing Sickle Cell Disease education to parents and guardians of children with all types of Sickle Cell while supporting research for a cure and improving awareness in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.