Unwine at Tillery Kitchen and Bar | First Stop in 2019 | Austin, Texas | Travel

Unwine at Tillery Kitchen and Bar | First Stop in 2019 | Austin, Texas | Travel

Tillery Kitchen and Bar is Located just below the Longhorn Dam, where the Colorado River begins its 292 river mile run to the Gulf of Mexico. Tillery rests here, at the top of an embankment overlooking the river. Tillery Kitchen and Bar provides a comfortable outdoor lounge for socializing, or a place to hide out with your laptop, a book, or your dog, while having the comforts of food and drink service. During a recent rejuvenation vacation, I stopped into enjoy some wine and relaxation on the patio of  Tillery Kitchen and Bar, Austin’s tranquil gem.


Tha Know

This visit to Tillery was my first travel excursion of the new year.  It turned out to be a random road trip that surprisingly took my breath away, elevating my SUPER soul to the next level. God was whispering in the wind and my spirit was at peace.

Tha Place 📍

An eco-chic, River flanked bar and kitchen. Located at 3201 E Cesar Chavez St. Austin Tx 78702.

Tha Feels

Tillery Kitchen and Bar quieted and humbled my rambunctious spirit

Tha Taste

Tillery Bar and Kitchen prides itself on being a peaceful place to lounge and enjoy the scenery of Austin’s river while enjoying their unique and delicious “lounge-friendly” eats. My favorite menu items were the Brussels with Asian pear with a glass of New Zealand Rose.

If your spirit should lead you towards Austin, make sure to add Tillery Kitchen and Bar to your list of stops. Your soul and tummy will thank you.