Supporting Black Business in Houston  During Black History Month | #BlackBingo

Supporting Black Business in Houston During Black History Month | #BlackBingo

Happy Black History Month  the Black Blogger Clique has created a fun and interactive black bingo card for Instagram. The bingo card highlights a variety of black-owned restaurants and dishes at these restaurants. For those of you who wish to play along, we will also be hosting giveaways for those who get “black” (bingo) throughout the month of February!


It’s February so you know what that means?! It’s #blackhistorymonth !! ✊🏾



I (@thafatgirlfoodchronicles) am apart of local Houston group @blackbloggerclique. Our mission is to give highlight black businesses here in Houston.  As black women and bloggers we love to highlight black businesses and want to share information about our community.

February is the perfect time to do this. If you live in Houston, let’s play!! There are other games like this going on all over! (@juliejulez.jpg has a bomb one that took Houston by storm as well , also @gingermarieblog and @brandisfoodiediary in Dallas @domnthecity in NYC ) as well, so be on the lookout for your cities bingo card.

The Game 🎮

B•L•A•C•K is a form of “BINGO”

The card has a list of black owned restaurants. During the month of February go to the restaurants on the cards to play the game and win prizes! 🏆🥇 Rules on next slide▶️➡️⏭ #ThaPlace 📍

Houston Tx




I’m going to give y’all a week and a half head start since ya girl only had 4 left to try!



I have 4 places to go💪🏿! Ya girl will have a blackout before the end of the month! @catfishstation2017 @bluenilehouston

Check out the lists of black restaurants in Houston curated by my girls Houston Food Fetish , Gristle & Gossip, and Black Girls Who Brunch 


#ThaLook 👗

I’ve almost got BLACK BINGO !!


Download Your Copy & Play!

Download a clean copy and play along on Instagram Make sure to tag both the Black Blogger Clique and the restaurants your visited. We want them to play along and share as well!