Living my Best Life | Omni Houston Hotel

Living my Best Life | Omni Houston Hotel

#yumbcrumbs 2019 is here!! Striving to be more intentional with my future is key this year. That being said, I have set a few goals for myself. My main focus in 2019 is to turn my love of food and travel into a lucrative operation! Honestly, this has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember. So, I’m speaking it into existence and making it happen in the new year!

Do you love to travel, but have a hard time affording that relaxing getaway? If you answered yes, please believe you are not alone. This is actually my life story. One thing I love about living in Houston, is that a stay-cation is always just around the corner. If I had to give you a plug for a Houston stay, I would highly recommend the newly renovated Omni Houston Hotel! It’s located in the heart of the Houston Galleria area and is currently topping my list of stay-cation hot spots!

Tha know | What you need to know before you go!

Hurricane Harvey completely devastated the Omni Houston Hotel, taking the life one of their beloved employees. The tragedy and destruction left the hotel no choice but to completely remodel their space. The luxury hotel recently underwent a 30 million dollar renovation, and during a recent tour I was able to see its beauty up close! Their amazing poolside views and Omni Spa have me longing for another stay-cation. The Omni Houston Hotel has it all!


Tha Taste | The Food and Beverage Buzz!

In addition to a behind the scenes tour of the space, I also got to try some of their cocktails and culinary creations. Everything that graced my lips was BOMB, do you hear me?!  Le Reserve’s Executive Chef Franklin Thompson puts so much love and creativity into each dish and cocktail. You can taste the passion and intention with every bite and sip. This experience left my mind and taste buds hungry for more. I love little details. Those tiny notes of flare that one might miss if not paying full attention.  The Omni Houston Hotel brought home the wow-factor with their branded cocktail ice.

My favorite cocktail was the Stone Fruit Swizzle made with Monkey Shoulder, lemon and stone fruit. Definitely “treat yo self” with one or two of these bad boys! Their delicious tapas are from the Gods. I recommended their Blackened Yellow-fin and the Lobster wedge!! Both are amazing and freshly prepared. The rich blue cheese foam elevates the lobster wedge leaving each bite more succulent than its predecessor.  It’s over the top with flavor. Your belly will thank you.


Tha Place | Tha Look | Tha Feels

The Omni Houston Hotel is located in the heard of the Galleria at 4 Riverway, Houston, TX 77056. It’s vibe is lush and luxurious from the plush bedding to the sleek spa retreat. The Omni Houston Hotel will refresh and rejuvenate you. It’s the perfect Houston stay-cation destination for a tranquil pool side Saturday! #needed