Red Beans RoadShow | Houston

Red Beans RoadShow | Houston

The Red Beans Roadshow is a pop-up restaurant series that takes a New Orleans’ trademark Monday-night tradition on the road. The roadshow pairs writer/photographer/ne’er do well Pableaux Johnson with a local host chef for a night of good, simple food, camaraderie, and appropriate misbehavior. Modeled on Pableaux’s New Orleans home-based tradition, each event features a hearty Louisiana supper (red beans and rice, skillet cornbread) combined with the whims of our host chef (starter and dessert courses). Less a dinner party than an informal family supper, diners are encouraged to belly up to the table and break cornbread with friends and strangers alike.

Based on Pableaux’s 2009 travel/writing project, the Red Beans Roadshow now regularly holds events in Washington DC, Atlanta, and Nashville. During the summer of 2015, he’ll take to the road once again, teaming up with a fantastic roster of fantastic chefs in cities across the US. It all adds up to a great, informal night of Louisiana culture, with a beautiful slab of crunchy cornbread on the side.


#Tha Know
The Red Beans Roadshow started as a simple dinner with friends at the home of creator Pableaux Johnson. Guests would spend the evening enjoying endless bowls of red beans while chatting about life. This dinner quickly became a Monday night tradition at Pableaux’s New Orleans home.  Pableaux has committed to having as many friends around his table as life will give him.


#Tha Place
The Red Beans Roadshow, hosted by Brennan’s of Houston, one of my favorites Houston hot spots. They are best known for their classic elegance, elevated New Orleans cuisine, and timeless style. Brennan’s of Houston Hosted Pableaux on his roadshow tour Houston stop. What better environment to house such an event?
“Since our 1967 opening as a sister restaurant to the world-famous Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, Brennan’s of Houston has evolved into the city’s premier destination for memorable dining served with true Southern hospitality.” – Brennan’s
#Tha Feels
It felt like southern comfort and good times! You could feel the love in every bean, slice of cornbread, and rice morsel.


Cameilla’s red beans are packed with intense flavors of heavy black pepper and compliments of smoked sausage. The meat rounded out the full flavors of the dish. The cornbread was perfectly cooked, moist, and golden. It was baked in cast iron pans and buttered to perfection. You know it’s good when you can taste the buttermilk in the batter!


#Tha Nightcap
The tour is still making its way around the country. Check out the website and find out the upcoming tour stops.
More Details About Red Beans Roadshow

The Home Table hits the road
It’s pretty simple. Over the years, we’ve adapted Pableaux’s Monday-night red beans and rice tradition to the rigors of the road. It’s a chance to take Louisiana hospitality to far-flung cities, to commune with like-minded chefs, and see (and make) friends along the way.


  • In its current incarnation, the Red Beans Roadshow is an ongoing series of medium-format pop-up suppers held in restaurants around the US.
    Pableaux teams up with a local partner chef for an informal family-style feast.
  • He cooks red beans and skillet cornbread. The host chef serves up a simple starter (deviled eggs, hand pies, etc.) and a dessert (bread puddin’, pies pies pies).
  • The Roadshow is informal, affordable, and as unfussy as we can make it. We gravitate toward 8-person tables (to encourage crosstalk) and a “put your phone away” policy (to encourage conversational mystery and creative storytelling).
  • As ringleader and organizer, Pableaux does short explanatory dog-and-pony shows on Louisiana foodways.
  • Roadshows are ticketed events (beer/wine inclusive) and seat between 50-80 folks a show. Tickets can be purchased below.