FIRE & DESIRE: The Sensual Smooch

FIRE & DESIRE: The Sensual Smooch

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

Hey Yum Crumbs, today’s post is all pleasure, no pain-I promise! We’re exploring the depths of fire and desire as it relates to a sweet, sensual dessert I created, especially for the lovers.  The Sensual Smooch is a rich, decadent dessert, perfect for sharing with bae on Valentine’s Day. The ingredients represent fire and desire (cue the music, bae); strawberries, marshmallows and white chocolate. Chocolate, a known aphrodisiac contains serotonin and phenylethylamine; two chemicals related to sexual arousal and love. I dedicate, dedicate, dedicate…

We’re Turning on the Fire

What You’ll Need:


Let’s Do This

  1. To begin, spread it all out and ignite the flame! No really, spread out all of the ingredients and light the candle or fireplace. 🔥
  2. Prepare strawberries by washing and slicing into slivers.
  3. Next, roast the marshmallows over the open flame. Take it easy, don’t burn them. You want the marshmallows to be soft and melty. Soft & melty=sweet & sticky fun.
  4. Stack the strawberries, white chocolate bars and marshmallows between 2  Pizelle Cookie Wafers.
  5. Now, smooch!

The Perfect Match

You can’t have a sweet, seductive dessert without a wine pairing. The perfect pairing for this titillating dessert is the Gilli Sweet Red Wine, from Branwar Wine Distributing Co. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and your Sensual Smooch! Love, Chef V